T. juncea

by weirdlittlepony

I’ve never been partial to plants that look like normal grass.

Yes, I’m aware that “normal grass” means different things to different people, especially when you’re on different continents, but the sort of everyday grass I’m talking about includes things like lallang, cow grass, carpet grass and pearl grass. That’s why I don’t usually pick the softer, greener (mesic?) tillandsias with long thin leaves.

That said, I picked up a T. juncea from a sale when I was just beginning to get interested in tillies. It wasn’t a species that I found particularly exciting, but as a naive newbie I had this impression that I should buy anything that I didn’t yet have in a bid to expand my collection and gain more know-how and experience in tillandsia growing as quickly as possible. I know now that this idea is a rubbishy one.

My T. juncea has grown on me over time, though. Watching it root multiple times (though I’ve trimmed them back every time) and seeing it grow longer, fuller and whiter (the later leaves actually had a lot more trichomes than the earlier ones, interestingly enough) has been quite a joy. We had a scare a few months back when it was one of the plants that got quietly infested with spider mites (behold the ominous white webbing), but it survived and has recently put out another bunch of new roots.

I’m hoping that it continues to get fuller and longer before it decides to bloom. I’ve not met any other collector who has (or who talks about) T. juncea, so I’ve not seen one in bloom before and I have no clue how it might pup. Just… not too soon, okay, plant? Get a lot bigger first. Please.

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