Creation, plant life most of all, is a vastly important and often overlooked aspect of life on earth as far as most people these days are concerned. I’ve also found, from experience, that it is often neglected and even feared where Christianity is concerned. Church leaders, especially, seem to think that a love of the wilderness and things wild and natural equates to self-isolation and apostasy, leading to heresy and eventual damage to the church. This attitude needs to change.

My approach to God, life and spirituality is most clearly articulated under the Naturalist category as described by Gary Thomas in his book Sacred Pathways. That is not to say that I only developed my perspective after reading this book. I have been fascinated with nature and creation from my earliest memories, and have always found that I commune with the Lord best when surrounded not by man-made things but by the direct works of His hands.

This blog, however, will not be serious or theological or even religious all the time. I like plants, especially tillandsias, and I will sometimes post updates on new plants in my collection or the growth of individual plants or clumps. I will also post creative/literary writings from time to time.