An update

by weirdlittlepony

Again, it’s been a long, long gap between entries. While I regret my failure to be consistent, I do find myself wondering why I feel any sort of need to explain myself, or indeed to even consider said (In)frequency a failing at all.

This is after all my blog, my space in which to display images that make me happy and that I hope others may find enjoyable, to sort and share relevant information I have gathered and which I hope others may find helpful, and to air certain opinions, arguments and convictions I hold in the hope that others may be prodded into thought and discussion. There is no one that I need answer to – even those readers (should they exist) that I have vague intentions to impact.

The anonymity afforded us by the interwebs is, after all, a frenemy to thoughtful introverts.

That said, I do find myself feeling a deep-seated need to get back on track, as it were. Hopefully, I will manage a minimum of one post every seven to ten days from now on. If you’re a reader, welcome, and I hope that you find something on this site that informs or provokes you.