NoID Plant—Stages

by weirdlittlepony

Plants go through stages in life just as we do. With some, like the Tillandsia sp. ionantha, the stages are really, really short.

Remember this little guy?


My very first tilly. I’ll always have a soft spot for it, even after its time. The clock is ticking, because about a year after I brought it home, it’s flowered and I’m now waiting for it to pup. The little guy has grown a lot and become a real beauty. I’m just sorry that I couldn’t give it a position where it got the amount of sunlight that would’ve enabled it to reach its full blooming potential in terms of colour.

The jury’s still out on what sort of ionantha it is. I’m gunning for Ron, because of the gorgeously long, slender and curling leaves, but they aren’t quite dense enough to convince the community. *shrug*

This plant flowered in late June, which was when E and I decided that yes, we are definitely going to be trying for our first child this year. I’m not sure if the timing is a sign or just a coincidence, but there you go. 🙂

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