Crochet Therapy

by weirdlittlepony

I’ve wondered why I love browsing complicated crochet projects, designs and patterns online, but don’t really feel motivated to try them. Instead, I am attracted to making blankets, throws, shawls and shrugs. It isn’t really that I dislike complicated work, or that I can’t keep count. I am, after all, quite adept at embroidery and have been since I was five (my Peranakan grandmother taught me nonya-style needlework).

I think it’s the meditative nature of a large work done in basic stitches that I find really therapeutic. There’s no need to keep track of a lot of things, and the repetitive movements and visibly growing product are satisfying and calming. Heh.

So anyway, here are my latest completed projects – a mobile phone pouch made with eyelash yarn, and a striped blanket made with budget acrylic yarn. Haha.

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