Back with a Vengeance

by weirdlittlepony

Two and a half years ago I was in despair because I had only just picked up crochet, had bought a stash of bargain yarn to start myself off, and had a whole list of projects lined up mainly shrugs and baby blankets – but had to put everything away into storage because I’d inexplicably developed an exceedingly odd pregnancy-related aversion. I couldn’t stand the sight of yarn or knitwear. I even had to get my husband to hide all my knitwear (cardigans, sweaters, etc.) because the sight of them made me want to puke.

And then I forgot all about crochet for a while.

A few weeks ago, though, I suddenly had this urge to pick it up again. I broke out my stash, spent two nights speed reading my collection of guides and tutorials, and decided that I would make Kumu Lei a pale (pronounced pah-leh) for her ipu heke classroom drills. Then I went down to Spotlight and bought two balls of natural jute twine for the project.

I can tell you now that there are very good reasons why beginners are usually started on wool or acrylic, and why twine isn’t usually used for crochet. And I’ve gotten enough tiny jute splinters in my fingers to put me off the material at least for a few months. But it’s done, and it’s flying off to Kaua’i in March when Alaka’i Namiko leaves for her next trip. My first completed crochet project, and it’s quite pretty if I do say so myself.

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