T. funckiana

by weirdlittlepony

Back to our usual tillandsia posts! Man, it’s been a rough month.

T. funckiana is a funky-looking species all right. It’s not really the sort of plant I’d automatically be attracted to, but it’s hard to imagine any collection being complete without it because it’s so distinctive, and really is not a difficult one to take care of. The bright green of this cultivar (I’m not certain which it is, but I know there are at least three different and visually distinct types of T. funckiana) is particularly attractive – almost an apple green – and the long needle-like leaves make it pretty resistant to heat and water loss. I’ve noticed the colour brightening when it gets more sunlight, though it hasn’t turned any other colour: I’ve seen other T. funckiana cultivars that turn orangey or even maroonish red.

My plant has been with me for more than a year and it hasn’t flowered yet, but I’m not big on tilly flowers so I’m not much bothered. It’ll be nice to see it happen eventually, though – T. funckiana produces really pretty bright red blooms that don’t really look like the usual tubular tilly florets. Meanwhile, it’s been slowly pushing out pups along its considerable length, so I guess it’s reasonably happy where it is. E likes to say it looks like a mythological Chinese dragon. Haha.

Anyway, if anyone wonders why the photos aren’t that recent, well… as you can tell from the four I’ve selected, it really hasn’t seemed to change much over a year. It still looks the same, just slightly longer on all fronts, and marginally bushier.

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