T. intermedia

by weirdlittlepony

Talk about slow-growing. I’ve had my T. intermedia for more than a year (got it in mid December 2013) and it hardly shows any change from when I first brought it home. It grew roots twice, which is a good sign, but I’ve always trimmed the roots off my free-hanging tillandsias because it’s neater that way.

This is an interesting species that can grow pretty big (a friend has specimens that measure 15–20cm tall from base to growing tip), though most seem to stay between 10cm to 12cm in height. They’re funny in that they tend to grow facing downwards instead of up (or mostly up, at least – tillies generally like to slant a bit and that’s healthier as water can drain out better), look like squids, and pup from the base as well as along their very long inflorescences (a viviparous species). Rainforest Flora’s website has some pretty good images of these – I don’t have my own photos because, you know, slow-growing.

Yes, it really looks almost the same right now (1 February 2015) so I didn’t bother to take new photos. The leaves are just a little longer and there are two new ones just starting to sprout. That’s it.

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