Spider mite infestation — Part 2

by weirdlittlepony

I’d intended to do the follow-up chilli padi treatment two or three days after the initial hardcore assault, but as it turns out, I’ve only just done it — a full week later.

Remind me how painful a process it is when I tell myself I’m doing it again. It’s no joke. I spent an hour gasping for breath, each one bringing more and more itch and sting into my throat and sinuses. I sneezed and coughed until I was sure my lungs must be on the way out. And my nose ran till I was tempted to stop trying to staunch the flow and just let it go (down my chin and suchlike).

Anyway, the first salvo last week seems to have done its work well. The infested T. ehlersiana and T. sitting pretty don’t seem to have suffered any relapses, and the T. sunset glow that I saw suspicious signs on and gave similar treatment seems all right — it’s even growing new leaves with a sort of new enthusiasm.

I don’t have new photos of these plants but I have fairly recent shots… so you can guess from the pictures and my descriptive comments what they look like now.

140413_04 small
From left: T. ehlersiana mini clump with grass pups, T. sitting pretty (T. streptophylla x T. paucifolioides)

I’ve had to pull off half the T. ehlersiana grass pups and quite a few of the main plant’s base leaves. I also had to pull off base leaves from the T. sitting pretty, reducing its size by nearly 50 percent and its root hold on the wood is a little loose now, giving its perch a bit of a precarious-looking swing. Sad.

140205_11 small 140413_02 small2
T. sunset glow (T. caput medusae x T. brachycaulos)

I’d spotted yellow and yellow-brown spots on some of the larger, lower leaves, and the edges of a few leaves were also browning and drying up. It just didn’t look right even though the plant looks generally healthy. So I took definitive preventive measures and today it looks somehow perkier, with new leaf growth. I suppose there must have been a few spider mites hiding among the older leaves where I couldn’t see them, and they were killed by the mad dunking.

EVERY tillandsia in my collection got a good spraying today. I am considering doing this every three months… heh…