T. hondurensis – a goodbye

by weirdlittlepony

131027_02 small
T. hondurensis, circa 27 October 2013

I’ve been a bit quiet lately because I’ve been going on garden visits, introducing people to tillandsias, doing research for my next long entry, and dealing with a plant issue. That issue was with this little guy – my very first T. hondurensis. Currently, it’s also my only. And it’s dying because I made a terrible mistake and probably was the one to accidentally send it to its slow death from rot.

There was, you see, a bit of a scare concerning little black bugs that were leaving yellow and brown semi-translucent spots on quite a lot of my plants, and there were a few such spots showing up on the edges of the hondurensis’ leaves too. So I gave all of them a big old soap soak and then set them in front of a fan to blow-dry. Only, I think I was a little impatient and didn’t ensure that this fellow was completely dry before I hung them all back in their usual places.

It took only 24 hours for a drastic deterioration in its appearance to become obvious. I won’t show those pictures, because they are just so sad and pathetic. I had to strip away leaves in a bid to stem the rot and hopefully save the inner core of the plant… but every few days more of the remaining outer leaves would rot and shrivel, and it won’t be long now that there will be nothing left of this once beautiful specimen.

I will do better next time. I promise. Meanwhile, I just want to remember this lovely little plant the way it was before I made my fatal error. I’m sorry, little guy. I hope you rest in peace, eventually. Maybe you’ll show up in my garden in heaven someday.

131124_09 smallT. hondurensis, circa 24 November 2013


140205_09 smallT. hondurensis, circa 5 February 2013

140413_03 small
140413_07 small
T. hondurensis, circa 13 April 2014