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T. caput medusae

Yes, I haven’t been posting for a long time. Life’s been busy. Anyway, here’s a look at one of my favourite species of tillandsia – the T. caput medusae. Some say it’s a “basic” plant, some say they have trouble with it… in any case, it’s a popular species for cross-pollinating with as hybrids with caput medusae genes tend to have their thick succulent leaves and gracefully spreading tentacle-like curls.

This T. caput medusae has been with me since early September 2013.

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Plant Sitting

A couple of close friends are heading overseas for about two weeks, and their small collection of tillandsias is now with me for safekeeping until they are home from their trip.


I’m confident that most of them will be fine, in fact might even flourish better, except for the two that are of species I’ve killed before: T. andreana and T. fuchsii var. gracilis.

Lord, help me keep them all healthy!

Am also set to thinking about the human tendency to take care of our own things more carefully than others’. Some of us (a minority) do the opposite and care for others’ property much better than our own. Wonder what makes us do that? Really, especially when it comes to things that God made and not man-made, we should stop thinking of them as “ours” or “theirs” but as God’s. And realise that we ought to do the best we can all the time because we’re just stewarding them for Him.