T. bergeri

Another tilly that I bought on whim because I was still in the phase where I thought that collecting any species I didn’t yet have was a good idea, my T. bergeri hasn’t really grown on my all that much. It’s a tough plant, with a nice branching caulescent form that very quickly pups and forms large clumps without any need for flowering (one of its better-known nicknames is “The Mad Pupper”), and seems able to do pretty well in a variety of conditions. It’s got really small trichomes and they aren’t that dense, so it has a pretty green, smooth appearance and texture. The leaf edges are stiff and a little sharp.

But I just don’t really like tillandsias with a hard unyielding leaf texture; I prefer thick, succulent types with a softer texture. It doesn’t really matter if they are heavy on trichomes, which explains why I like T. caput medusae and T. streptophylla so much, but am not really that partial to T. ehlersiana even though by appearance alone it does seem like my “type” — its texture is way too stiff and hard for my liking.

Anyway, my T. bergeri flourished well enough that when I decided I wasn’t really motivated enough to keep on caring for it and should sell it, I had a buyer. E insisted on keeping a small piece of that original clump though, because apparently it had grown on him. Ah well.

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