Prelude to a Bunch of Possibly Controversial Stuff

by weirdlittlepony

There’s been a whole lot of writing and thinking going on here, for months really, but nothing much has been posted. Partly because of the dormancy thing, and partly because I haven’t felt ready to make some of these things public. Yes, even though I’m pretty much still anonymous (only a handful of readers know who I am offline), it bothers me to think that people might get into fights with me about some of the stuff I believe in.

I guess I’m going to post them anyway, because I want to have them available as a resource for people who might want to consider different perspectives. Also because the idea that there is an unknown audience out there forces me to be as coherent as possible, which is a really good mental exercise.

Upcoming topics include (in no particular order):

  1. What I think Christianity really is about (and it’s not what mainstream churches seem to be teaching).
  2. What I believe about gender roles, sex and marriage, and why.
  3. The parenting principles I intend to employ, and why.

I suppose it’s got a lot to do with actually being pregnant and watching the clock tick-tock its way down to the moment when I somehow squeeze a new human onto this (admittedly overcrowded) planet, but these are things I’ve been thinking about and scribbling random notes and paragraphs on for years. In a way, they need to be given birth to as well.