T. seleriana

by weirdlittlepony

The T. seleriana isn’t one of my favourite tillandsias, but it’s got a pleasing sort of fatness to it that makes me smile. Depending on where a particular specimen comes from, it may be longer or shorter, fatter or slimmer, and it’s the really huge ones that I prefer. Mine is a “rescue”, bought on impulse during a 50%-off sale where tillandsias were simply thown in piles and heaps in dark boxes and old ceramic pots for customers to rummage through.

Being a slow-growing species, it’s not surprising that my T. seleriana has showed nearly no noticeable growth over more than a year. It did put out a new leaf or two and get a bit longer (taller?) and thicker, but not in an obvious way. Sadly it was doing well till just last week when after two weeks of mad daily thunderstorms, it seemed to have gotten a bit of rot. I’ve been trying to dry it out but I’m not sure if it will make it.

Anyway, here are some photos. T. seleriana is one of the most easily recognisable tillandsia species in existence, there’s no missing one.

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