T. streptophylla

by weirdlittlepony

This post has been a long time coming. I’ve been procrastinating, I don’t know why! It can’t be due to reluctance to feature this species, because T. streptophylla is way up there on my list of all-time favourite tillandsias.

There are three of these sweet little plants in my collection, picked up at different times. They seem to exhibit slight differences in appearance, probably due to slightly different genes as well as initial growing conditions – I’m currently aware of two main types of T. streptophylla, the ones from Guatemala and the ones from Mexico. I haven’t paid enough attention to which type is from where. It doesn’t matter to me, you see. I just love the look that T. streptophylla has, no matter which variety or gene pool a particular plant came from.

After all, what’s got me intrigued by this species is the smooth roundness of its pseudobulb base and its long, wide, gracefully curling leaves. So beautiful. Just so beautiful. Their genes also tend to be strong in hybrids, which makes T. streptophylla crosses very popular. I certainly love them (and have several)!

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