T. pruinosa

by weirdlittlepony

T. pruinosa is one of my favourite species of tillandsia. I have a thing for pseudobulbous types, and dense trichomes, and I like those that look like sea creatures.

My specimen isn’t from a nursury, though – I got it from a small neighbourhood shop that for many years sold only orchids. In the past two years, however, it’s joined the rest of the wet market flower/plant stalls around the island in an “air plant and succulent craze”. I took a chance because this was a nice, fat plant and I didn’t like the idea of leaving it to languish; most of the stall owner’s tillandsia stock don’t seem to last very long and they generally aren’t in very good condition.

Anyway. I got this little fellow really early on in my tillandsia adventure, in October 2013. It’s flowered, produced a healthy pup that I’ve harvested, and is now nursing a second pup. I hope we get a third out of it before it’s done.

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