T. concolor

by weirdlittlepony

This is another of those plants that I bought on a whim in early September 2013. The slideshow traces its growth from then till late July 2014 (I’ve not taken any close-ups of it since then).

I have to admit that I didn’t buy it because I liked it. Its hard leaf texture didn’t really appeal to me and its shape wasn’t all that attractive, but because they were on sale in a place that clearly didn’t treat its plants well, and I didn’t have anything that looked like that, I decided to just save it from an early and guaranteed death and see if it would do well under my care.

It has. It’s grown much larger and its rosette shape has filled out nicely. And it’s grown on me, too. It still isn’t one of my favourite tillandsias, but I’m pretty happy watching it as it grows and I would miss it if something happened to it. And I realise that it’s probably impossible for a human to love anything or anyone unconditionally, or to love all the same. We can’t. We want to get something back, some satisfaction, from our giving.

We’re not God. And that’s both sobering and reassuring. I think it’s good to be reminded of our mortality, foibles and weaknesses from time to time, and also to be reminded of how the God whose hands we are in is the complete opposite of that.

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