More Pests

by weirdlittlepony

Yesterday, while I was giving the plants a quick sprinkling before heading out to the office, I noticed two highly annoying things.

One: A wasp has been building a nest on the metal frame that supports all my tillandsias. Two: A baby lizard vanished into the cool dark shelter of my T. lucille’s lower leaves when I leaned out the window to take a closer look.

Need I explain why wasps are scary and annoying? As for the lizard, well, I don’t hate the critters per se, but I don’t like them leaving poop all over the place and I sure as heck don’t want to find out that they are laying eggs in my plants. Neither do I need one of them to jump out at me when I’m in the middle of an inspection or watering session and shock me into possibly dropping everything onto the ground floor pavement below my apartment.

(Apart from such an accident damaging a lot of very valuable plants and causing me a whole lot of grief both emotionally and financially, an aggrieved neighbour or passer-by might just rat on me for supposed “killer littering” and open up a whole Pandora’s Box of unpleasantness.)

If you don’t know how a lizard could hide inside a tillandsia, here’s a shot of my T. lucille (T. ehlersiana x T. streptophylla):

lucille 02

 I want that wasp nest annihilated. And I’m not feeling particularly charitable towards that lizard and his friends either.