T. balbisiana

by weirdlittlepony

My T. balbisiana was an impulse buy. I’d gone down to the nursury where I usually get my plants, and some of the plants that I wanted that day were completely out of my budget. Instead of beating a wise retreat and snowballing the allocated funds for another day, I prowled around looking for a plant that would fit the budget because, you know, I’d come all the way already.

So I ended up with this plant. Didn’t really love it at the time but it was something I hadn’t seen much of, whether online or at various nursuries and shops.

It’s now been with me for four months, and it’s grown a bit larger and has sprouted quite a number of new leaves, which seem to be a lot perkier than the older leaves. In fact, the plant looks a little like an alien insect from some angles, especially at dusk (and probably dawn, but I’m not awake to see it then).

I guess it’s grown on me? I’m quite fond of the trailing jellyfish-like “tentacles”, and the pale grey-green shade that it sports. I don’t personally know anyone else who has one of these, so I’ve never seen blooms, pups or clumps, and after trawling the web for goodness knows how many other things I’m just feeling way too lazy to hunt for images of this one.

Anyhow, it’s a pretty graceful specimen and I’m looking forward to seeing it complete its life cycle, after which I’m hoping to give away a few pups to anyone who might be interested. It’s a curious sort of species, and quite fascinating in its own right – like a squid of sorts, yeah?

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